Don't Squeeze the Shaman

Even after getting bad news at the doctor’s office, Cole Ellis knows the kids still need to be picked up and the realm of dreams needs to be protected.
Strange, that the foreclosure two blocks over is bustling with crows in The Overlay, and stranger still, why is the dream neighborhood filled with the delectable smell of cookies for blocks in every direction?
It may be time for Cole to call on the most powerful member of his team yet. And time for another to make the sacrifice of a lifetime.

That Damned Monkey

Coming October 2024

Last Word Audio © 2013

The Good, The Sad, and The Poopy

When Cole set something free in the dreamworld of The Overlay, he had no idea it could cause harm in the real world. But now someone is dead and the shaman must use all of his newfound powers to prevent another tragedy and rein in a new menace known only as Dark Beard.

A Fistful of Diapers

When Cole Ellis hits a coyote late one night on I-80, he has no idea how his life will change.
Now he travels to a dream realm every time he falls asleep…but all is not well in the drowsing world.
There’s mystical talking animals, mysteriously bruised houses, and massive hulking monsters to deal with. How can a stay-at-home dad hope to save the neighborhood by naptime’s end?
Or is it all in his head?

A Few Diapers More

Newly minted dream-walker, Cole, finds everything didn’t get fixed after setting a mysterious spirit free and healing the bruised house next door. 
Trouble has moved down the road to the nearby Prairie Plains Park where something is attacking people in their dreams. Something hungry. 
But the Stay-at-home Shaman is going to need some help and a few tricks up his sleeve to tackle these new threats to The Overlay. 
It turns out naptime is no time to snooze.

The Shadow Otter's Jugband Christmas

As winter takes hold of the neighborhood, Cole witnesses a brutal attack while patrolling The Overlay.

Bizarre, inky-black creatures glide through the air devouring those in their path, seemingly coming from nowhere.

What loosed these creatures on the Dream Realm and why do they hunt in Big Bluestem Park?

It’s up to the Shaman to find the real-world cause and, with the help of the enigmatic Coyote, set The Overlay to rights.

Cole vs. The Electric Chicken

Staggered by the terminal illness of his next-door neighbor and predecessor, Jack, the Stay at Home Shaman finds himself unable to dream and enter the world of the Overlay.

But with best friend Zeke’s help, the two embark on a mission to the dream realm to stop the corrupting chain-lightning and the mysterious flying V-shape menacing the neighborhood.

But this challenge won’t be overcome without the greatest sacrifice of the Shaman’s career.