Captain Sylvestre de Greybagges is your typical seventeenth-century Cambridge-educated lawyer turned Caribbean pirate, as comfortable debating the virtues of William Shakespeare, Isaac Newton, and compound interest as he is wielding a cutlass, needling archrival Henry Morgan, and parsing rum-soaked gossip for his next target. When a pepper monger's loose tongue lets out a rumor about a fleet loaded with silver, the Captain sets sail only to find himself in a close encounter of a very different kind.

After escaping with his sanity barely intact and his beard transformed an alarming bright green, Greybagges rallies The Ark de Triomphe crew for a revenge-fueled adventure to the ends of the earth and beyond.

That Damned Monkey

Coming June 2024

The Secret Art of Game Mastery has over 100 years of accumulated experience, distilled into an easy-to-use reference guide. The perfect book of game master advice, knowledge, and wisdom to elevate your role-playing game! 

Topics include:

Streamlining your preparation
Mastering your session notes
Having more fun in less time!

You can get better at running any game, in any system, and any genre! Whether you're a new game master or a veteran, the Secret Art of Game Mastery has all the tools game masters need to level up.

Odd Eldritch headphones, lunches with audiobook legends, and seeing celebrities in the wild! These and other strangeness await the listener along with twelve episodes of the Geekery & Wine podcast! Pairing some of Colby's favorite bottles with the best of Geek culture and including liner notes from the audiobooks made along the way. Consume responsibly!!!

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