For Wonder Woman Unbound

"Elliott's conversational style enlivens the many footnotes, popular objections to comic books, and anecdotes about the Senate hearings of the 1940s and '50s regarding whether or not comic books cause juvenile delinquency… Most enjoyable are Elliott's lively cartoon quotes and engaging female voices." ~AudioFile

"Colby Elliott narrates this excellent quality work impeccably." ~ Audio Book Reviewer

For Tales of the Dark Prairie

"​Author/narrator Colby Elliott shines in both capacities as he recounts two tales of lawmen in Platte City, Nebraska, in the 1870s and late 1990s...Elliott's vivid descriptions of a monstrous creature are hair-raising, particularly after Ellis learns about a mythical Native American beast called a wendigo...Both stories richly describe rural residents, crime, and police work for a fun bit of nostalgic listening."  ~AudioFile


For Guesswork: A Prim and Odin Mystery

"Narrator Colby Elliott deftly captures each unique, often endearing, character in this mystery…Elliott is particularly entertaining in his creation of Odin, a trickster character…his rendering of Prim and her young circle is also fascinating and realistic. Heavy accents--Jamaican, Southern, and rural--add to the atmosphere of this puzzler." ~AudioFile

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For Coffee at Luke's
2017 Audie Award Finalist -- Short Stories and Collections ~Audio Publishers Association

For Batman Unauthorized

"Colby Elliott's deep, raspy voice fits perfectly and proves somewhat reminiscent of Batman himself. He narrates the 
essays with all the seriousness that the authors themselves have for their subject but is also capable of lightening his tone for the occasional joke or pun. His emphasis and pacing will keep listeners engaged throughout the production." ~AudioFile

For Comic-Con and Business of Pop Culture

"Narrator Colby Elliott delivers a cool and calm voice that fits perfectly with Salkowitz's prose." ~AudioFile

For Monkey See...Sea Monkey

"Colby Elliott's buoyant narration enhances an offbeat story that offers a little fantasy and a nostalgic look at kids' lives in the late 1970s. Ten-year-old Matt Herring is looking forward to the annual summer carnival in Broad Brook, Connecticut. Matt's youthful voice and logical reasoning are deftly depicted when he sees and smells something odd. Elliott's build-up of fear is palpable when pink creatures--which strongly resemble the sea monkeys that were advertised in Matt's comic books--invade the town, demanding revenge on the parents who mindlessly flushed them away. A realistic-sounding news report conveys the shocking news. Listeners will delight in hearing Matt feast on Swanson TV dinners, and Suzy Q snack cakes as he motivates his friends to battle the sea monkeys. The clever conclusion guarantees laughs." ~AudioFile


For Fender Benders

"Narrator Colby Elliott exuberantly presents this wild and crazy story...Elliott's expert rendering of characters includes music executives, including raspy-voiced cheater Bill Herron and his silver- tongued partner, Franklin Peavy; their latest superstar, dazzling Eddie Long; and the constantly inquisitive journalist, Jimmy Rogers, who always names names. Minor characters, such as the spirited African-American crew at Estella's Rib Joint, are equally well portrayed. Most entertaining is whiny New York agent Jay Colvin. Listeners will immediately recognize each character's voice as they follow this topsy-turvy story about who REALLY penned the song everyone loves. Most touching is Elliott's rendition of a gorgeous spiritual at a heartbreaking funeral." ~AudioFile


For Human Resources

"​Narrator Colby Elliott excels at presenting a wide array of eccentrics in this amusing yet serious look at organ trafficking. Specialist Jake Trapper works for the Southern California Procurement Network. He has a kind heart and a strong sense of right and wrong. Listeners will be entertained by encountering an outlandish tattoo artist, visiting a creepy locale, and joining Trapper as he learns that wealthy and prominent persons bypass ordinary people, including a young character named Angel, who need vital organs to stay alive. Elliott's Angel is both tough and childlike, and Elliott's fast-talking LAPD Detective Megan Densmore adds pizzazz while she rounds up black-market crooks. The audio format guarantees a rousing listen."  ~AudioFile


For I Usually Cosplay as Myself

"Narrator and publisher Colby Elliott cheerily narrates this installment of his nerdy travelogues...In delivering his own and other comic's work, he demonstrates some of his character voices and adds insight about the art of narration. It's fun to vicariously attend Comic-Con by hearing his enthusiasm when meeting some of his heroes...He endears himself to audiobook fans by sharing the titles of the audiobooks he's listening to with his daughters on their drive to school". ~AudioFile