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My Peculiar Family is an anthology of gothic horror and unusual stories like none ever published before! Combining New York Times bestselling authors (Christopher Golden, Tracy Hickman), Amazon bestselling authors (William Meikle, Derrick Belanger, Rob Watts), award-winning authors (James A. Moore, Stacey Longo), and emerging talents, this anthology unites these authors, who have sold millions and million books between them, to come together for a common cause. What makes this anthology so original? A woman by the name of Chyna Dale discovers in her attic a box of old tintype photos. Each picture features a mysterious portrait of a single person. Who are these people? What are their stories? What makes them so…peculiar? Each author had to answer these questions in their unique tale. All of the authors received one of Chyna Dale’s tintypes, a name for the photographed person, and the person’s occupation. Some of the stories are more on the horror side, some more paranormal, some science-fiction/fantasy, but all are linked together by Chyna Dale’s discovery.

Jake Trapper isn’t your average organ acquisition specialist. He’s the best in L.A. But Jake has a soft spot for underdogs and his current case is Angel, a young girl from a broken home. She needs a kidney. So Jake makes a deal with a broker and gets seduced into the kidney business. When a potential organ donor is killed, Jake meets LAPD Homicide Detective Megan Densmore who enlists Jake to help with the investigation. Enter Special Agent Fuller, a Fed looking into the black market angle. He’s an oddball with an architecture fetish and an endless supply of strange tales to tell. As more bodies surface, Special Agent Fuller turns a suspicious eye toward Jake and the noose tightens, threatening to reveal Jake’s dirty little secret. Human Resources is a darkly comic thriller with heart, and lungs, and kidneys…and a botched monkey kidnapping.

What happens when the quaint picturesque town of Broad Brook, CT is suddenly overrun with those loveable creatures from comic book ads, Sea Monkeys? First of all, we find out they weren't so loveable and second... we fight! Real Town!!! Real People.... and that is it. Join author Matt (Matman) Herring as he takes us back to that magical year of 1979 and a story that will make you laugh, cry and remember the good old days. 

A curious collection of classic science-fiction stories from Harry Harrison, Fritz Leiber, Hugh B. Cave, Desmond Winter Hall along with other, more obscure, masters. Join the Mad Scientist for a tour of his lab and learn the roots of his mania!

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