Snotty—the unlikely hero of this tale—is a streetwise adolescent mastermind transported to a mystical realm where the fate of the world rests on discovering who he really is. As Snotty’s perceptions of might and right are upended, the scholarly footnotes point toward a deeper truth—that in the endless fight against evil, the toughest warriors come from the most despised group of all: the smallest, the poorest, the funniest, the snottiest.

A fantastic adventure story, smart political allegory, and philosophical treatise, this is a book to be savored by adults of all ages.

Part III of the Nerdly Travel series takes Colby to the largest tabletop gaming convention in North America, Gen Con, to fulfill is 10-year-old self's destiny of roleplaying at the con started by Gary Gygax. He'll meet industry luminaries, some of his childhood heroes and maybe even get surprised at the ENnie Awards! 

Six of the best, and most opinionated Cyberpunk referee's gather together with creator Mike Pondsmith to bring their best advice on how to make your tabletop Dark Future game epic.
How to Start a Campaign, How to Handle Problem Players, and How to Use Character Background to Generate Story and much, much more!

So, grab your mirrorshades and your netrunner's deck, choomba, 'cause things are about to get real!

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Captain Sylvestre de Greybagges is your typical seventeenth-century Cambridge-educated lawyer turned Caribbean pirate, as comfortable debating the virtues of William Shakespeare, Isaac Newton, and compound interest as he is wielding a cutlass, needling archrival Henry Morgan, and parsing rum-soaked gossip for his next target. When a pepper monger's loose tongue lets out a rumor about a fleet loaded with silver, the Captain sets sail only to find himself in a close encounter of a very different kind.

After escaping with his sanity barely intact and his beard transformed an alarming bright green, Greybagges rallies The Ark de Triomphe crew for a revenge-fueled adventure to the ends of the earth and beyond.

Collecting the two first stories in the Dark Prairie Universe, Use Yer Brains and Dark Prairie tells the tales of two Western Nebraska lawmen, from two different time periods, and how they go about keeping the peace in Platte City. Some bad things crawl outta the ground while others are brewed up in the local saloon and descend like a bolt of lightning.  Whether it's the 1800's or the late 1900's, keep yer wits about ye, and yer six-shooter handy.