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What do you see on the road ahead?

Our next releases can be seen on the Coming Attractions page. My Peculiar Family is a project we are very excited about.

Additionally, more works by Bill Fitzhugh, but, beyond that, we are keeping other projects TOP SECRET, so as not to jinx anything!

For the gear enthusiast:

The microphones I use most often are the CAD e100 and occasionally the Telefunken CU-29 Copperhead and the MJE 990 Hulk. All provide a warm sound that complements the voices I work with.

I also love my Furman AC-215A power conditioner and Grace Designs m101 preamp

My digital interface is a Behringer U-Phoria UMC202HD and I do my recording and editing in Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio. 

My love for audiobooks started with Edgar Alan Poe and my Sony Walkman. My home town library had (what I thought of at the time) a huge collection of cassette books. Some were unabridged and most were not. I loved the plastic bags with the hangers that were on a spindle in the corner of the adult section of the library. I had already discovered Sherlock Holmes and Robert Louis Stevenson, but never directly into my ears.

But it was Vincent Price and Basil Rathbone reading Edgar Alan Poe stories as I walked to school early one fall morning before daylight savings time kicked in that hooked me. The breeze through the trees and the rattle of the drying leaves made me walk so fast, I almost thought I was going to start sprinting.

I listened and re-listened to everything at our small town library and when I finally got a car, the tape deck became my storytelling companion. In a larger city for my undergrad years, I soon found that the Lincoln Public Library was able to supply me with enough books on tape that anytime I wanted to do the 4-hour trip back to my hometown, I easily could.

After getting one of my undergraduate degrees in Theatre, I taught in the public schools for 12 years and, with a good deal of that time focused on technical production, I learned the intricacies of digital audio production.

In 2010, Last Word Audio was formed and began producing unabridged audiobooks.


Colby Elliott has been working as a voice talent 19 years, developing unique audio book projects, art gallery tours and computer games. He received his Masters in Applied Communication from the University of Denver, and has worked as theater and technical theater teacher and director.

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